Cellexus Limited Launches the CellMaker PLUS

Cellexus Limited Launches the CellMaker PLUS- The new, state-of-the-art, easy to use, single-use, disposable bioreactor system for use with the broadest range of cell types.
Cellexus Limited, a company which develops and markets innovative, single-use bioreactors and cell-based technologies for biopharmaceutical research and production, is delighted to announce the launch of the CellMaker PLUS single-use, disposable bioreactor system. The Company designed the new CellMaker PLUS system specifically for efficient growth of the widest range of cell types including E.coli, pichia, algae and bacteriophage, as well as the more challenging mammalian and insect cells. This single-use bioreactor system, which will be available with both 8L and 50L capacities to provide flexibility in scale, incorporates a wealth of new technologies to improve processes and speed up set-up times. It includes a patented air dispersion system to effectively aerate and mix the cell culture and features a modular control system which is flexible and adaptable, and can be configured to satisfy the needs of the application.
The CellMaker PLUS uses CellexusBags  which are unique, single-use, disposable cell culture bags which allow fast set-up times and eliminate lengthy cleaning protocols. Whereas other disposable systems require shakers, rockers, rollers or large environmental chambers, the CellMaker PLUS employs proprietary airlift technology to mix, aerate and maintain cell suspension. This system is simple, scalable and inexpensive to use. The CellMaker PLUS controller allows for precise management of temperature (from 15 to 45⁰C), controls the flow and mix of sparge gas, and enables monitoring and control of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO). Accurate control of these parameters enables optimisation of culture growth and improved expression levels of soluble protein.
Mr Paul Stubbings, Chief Operating Officer of Cellexus Limited, stated “We are very pleased to launch this new product. We listen very carefully to our customers and the CellMaker PLUS is an innovative product which results from that direct feedback. This new system includes all the modularity to enable oxygen generation capability and addition of DO and pH sensor options to enable use with the broadest range of cell types depending on users needs. We are committed to a programme of product development to meet our customers’ needs and are also developing a range of peripheral products, which will further facilitate system use and performance.”